Blind of the Illuminating Light

Tonight I saw
A powerful scene
Envisaged by my third eye.
Twas you and I
Together at last
In gleeful bliss
Of which only true love can cast
The spell of happiness and companionship
Over all that has come to pass.

Caught in your embrace,
You smiled so gently
With that look in your eyes
Like rivers of jade, so deep.
My heart stopped beating
As my gaze met yours
And I danced in revelry.

At last the impossible became possible
No long out of my league.

I return the embrace with passion,
And we slowly talk
Wrapped in each others arms.
Lost in the moment
Together as one,
No regrets
Forever and eternity.

Caught in the moment,
Like lovers do.

The mood is gone
The love has outshone
As your true motives show.
A blow to the torso
A knife to the juggular.
The pain spreading through
Like dye dipped in papper.
I crumple to the floor,
As the blows reign home
Bruising and breaking
The fragile shell.

Love gone, your true motives shone,
Illuminating the darkness.
Used once more


~ by Sonata of You and Me on January 25, 2012.

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