A busy foyer, filled with people

Grouped in stereotypical order.

The ordered chaos that haunts the world,

Like a reoccurring nightmare of seclusion.

Still I feel alone although I am encompassed,

Encompassed by friends and acquaintances.

Solitude felt by the absence of love is a feeling rather unfelt.

Even though I’m anesthetized the unrelenting pain,

Emanating from my heart rends me in half.


So continues the life of a half-heart;

Numbingly painful, monotonously solitary.

Day to day trials, seen in a new light,

Intrinsically saddening.

Each and every second, living in wonder,

Of what may come to pass.

No-one can tell the future,

But dreams illustrate fantasy.

A fantasy in my control,

Yet without the will to carry it out

Allows destiny to take its course.


No matter how many persons surround me

I still feel detached from society,

Until this gaping crevice is filled.


Thus is the life of a Half-Heart.


~ by Sonata of You and Me on March 13, 2012.

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