The Guy Behind The Poems

 The name’s Matthew,

I’m an avid musician and amateur writer. My current abode lies in Scotland where I’m finishing my secondary school studies. Born in March ’95 I’m working my way up to the wonderful world of adulthood. I’ve had my fair share of indulging in the ‘darkness’ and see myself as the ‘Marlow’ of my company. But that was a while back and I’m now fully immersed in scientific and literary textbooks as my Higher exams loom ever closer.

My goals in life are as countless as the stars in the sky, rather unfortunate for myself as I now need to find a path into the future based on those stars, however several are clear cut;

#Publishing my poetry

#Publishing my music

#Be able to yo-yo like André Boulay

#Perform, semi-proffesional with my counterpart in a gig (Matthew Lee)

This is a lot, I know, but you can only keep pushing yourself to reveal your strengths and weaknesses.

Well that’s about the most interesting parts of me, a good videogame always keeps me intrigued, same as the next guy, so enjoy my poetry!

If you want to know anything else just ask!

Comment, comment and comment some more, and, if you like what you see spread the word!

Follow me on Tumblr for less poetry and more random quirky-ness (and pokemon ^.^)

Twitter @Music_is_Mattz


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