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Despondently he lay,

Staring up at the starry sky,

Words uttered in near silence

As he began to pray.

The noose hung high

Purging pestilance.


Despondently he lay,

The world around him slowly crumbling

While reality became fantasy,

Everything he believed in drifted away.

And he started succumbing.


Despondently he lay,

And the world revolved without him.

His talents undeveloped

Lying dormant each day.


Despondently he lay,

Rotting in the cities of dispair

Where nothing really matters and no-one seems to care


Despondently he lay,

Thinking of the world.


And dissolved into oblivion.



A Darkness Dawning

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I’ve had my taste of the darkness

And spat it out in disgust

After my realisation of ‘the horror’.

I got lost in fog and met a deity,

Consumed by ivory.

The world my Marlow,

I the Harlequin.

Manipulated by the elusive voice.


I’ve walked into the jungle

And searched for diamonds,

Fighting dirty, for diamonds in the rough –

But to no avail.

I walked out of the jungle,

With naught but mortality and fear.

The consuming, shrouding, distorting fear

Found in experience.


Knowledge comes at a price,

But what is the price of sanity?


Gone, But Not In Spirit

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a million miles
and still I wait here for you
friendship forever


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The days creep ever on,
Venerability fades
As my heart anneals


•February 28, 2012 • 1 Comment

Each day passes fast
As you rekindle my will
To believe in love


•February 28, 2012 • 1 Comment

In life truth prevails
A lesson learned in due course
To strengthen your will.


•February 28, 2012 • 1 Comment

Refuge is found in the all consuming darkness.
As black as a raven’s feather
Or a murder of crows.
A sanctuary from the mediocre problems
Which taunt our daily lives.

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