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This is just a little taster of some of the pieces I find grabs me, so hopefully they’ll grab you too! Check often as each month a new poem will be added! (Don’t forget to check the archive!)

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Confusion. Plain as it can be. A constant companion, it seems to me. One minute I dislike you the next my heart stops. Old feelings of affection brought forth like a tumour. The night of climax, when these feelings reached their zenith: how the past could have been! So different, so pure, so full of hope – the regret I live with in this monotonous existence. If only I reached close, with a passionate kiss, to sap the sadness out of those pearlescent eyes and dry those tears of empathy. If only, if only. Still years on I think of that night with sickening clarity. The pain I caused you and so many others for a year of selfish navel-gazing depression. For succumbing to the weaknesses of the human heart, for delving into to depths of darkness! No wonder you left at the earliest of conveniences. Live and let forgive, something we always did. You forgave me in the past so why the silence? You are already protected. You have the guard. Set the fortifications for the fusilade. While I tumultuously  go from no defence to over-encompassing defences letting neither temptation nor love in. You, the embodiment of strength, in my eyes, soldiered on. Every time I see you, this is what I think, as you sit on your defences’ peak. Yet all I wish to do is deliver that kiss to your cheek.



Despondently he lay,

Staring up at the starry sky,

Words uttered in near silence

As he began to pray.

The noose hung high

Purging pestilence.


Despondently he lay,

The world around him slowly crumbling

While reality became fantasy,

Everything he believed in drifted away.

And he started succumbing.


Despondently he lay,

And the world revolved without him.

His talents undeveloped

Lying dormant each day.


Despondently he lay,

Rotting in the cities of despair

Where nothing really matters and no-one seems to care


Despondently he lay,

Thinking of the world.


And dissolved into oblivion.



How I envy the wolves
Staring each night
At the moon, in full light.

But lo! I must struggle,
Through this smog filled city
With street lamps blotting
The alchemic sky.

A sky of the purest black
Holding naught but mystery
While hiding a brutal savagery.

What I would give,
Just to gaze at the endless,
Infinity which lies beyond.
Uninhibited and uninterrupted
In clear skies and intemerate air
Away from the cities’ carniverous stare.



Grey clouds gather in the sky
Signalling to me a solemn goodbye.
Droplets of water cascade against my pen
Like a message from heaven.
Trees all stripped and bare
Fly past with their constant stare:
Guardians of the world.

The empty car-park,
The retirement home,
The sign to tell us all ‘one way’
Just another monotonous day.



Surrounded by people

Yet the feeling still holds

The power of the mind

And the person that it moulds


Silence within the noise.

Inactivity in the active

light in the darkness, and

Ice in the fire.


Who is there?

When the time gets tough

And you see the mare

Trotting towards the trough.


Eating from the forbidden fruit.

Suffering from the fall,

Covering the world in ashen soot

Your head served in the hall.


The life in the desert

The sun next to the moon

The air in a vacuum, and

The love of the loveless.


The horror of being trapped

In the confines of your own mind

Like your necked being snapped

By the paranoia that binds


The crushing hope

Of a miss-spent youth


ALL of the poems above are my OWN work and belong to myself unless stated otherwise

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